Christian Comedienne Michelle Krajecki

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Michelle is a former special education teacher turned stand up comic and speaker. She also is a mom of two children on the autism spectrum and a wife to a husband with a genetic disorder. Her speaking topics include: "Learning to Laugh With Autism", a presentation which will give information on how to use humor to parent children with challenges (and children in general). "Finding Joy in Parenting". This presentation will educate, entertain and help parents find joy in doing the most difficult and rewarding endeavor there is. "Appropriate Humor." Michelle will educate the audience on different styles of humor and how to increase their 'humor potential' in an age where anything goes. "Thinking Outside the Box".This talk will center on helping people use their gifts in ways they may never have thought. And finally...."Laugh Your Way Through...." With hours of material (stories, research and jokes), Michelle can tailor a humorous presentation to talk about the lighter side of ...marrriage, health issues, etc.

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"We had 116 people in attendance and the performer Larry Weaver Entertainment recommended was FANTASTIC! I have never heard my women laugh so hard! I couldn't count how many people asked for me to have her back! Super funny!!!"

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