Christian Comedians

Christian Comedians

Christian Comedy Acts helps you find local and nationally-touring top Christian Comedians for hire. Find Christian Comedians for your church outreach, retreat, banquet, comedy concert, fundraiser, Upward Sports Awards, or ministry event today.

Christian Comedienne Donna East
Her act is a lively mix of clean humor, drawn from zany life experiences, stand-up comedy, audience interaction, improv, and whimsical characters. She humorously tackles topics like the challenges of dieting, family dynamics, the joys and trials of parenting, and the everyday craziness of life.

Christian Magician Carl Andrews
This stand-up mental comedy show is pure, wholesome fun for any size audience. It thrives on audience participation, bringing several on stage, heightening the excitement. Skillfully combining suggestion, perception, deception, and misdirection with abundant humor, it creates an exceptionally entertaining experience.

Christian Comedian Paul Aldrich
A 100% clean musical comedian known for his uproarious observations and spot-on musical impressions. His comedic talents have graced platforms like Showtime, The Improv, and a multitude of events across the United States and internationally, leaving audiences in stitches.

Christian Magician Joseph Young
Offering a blend of magic, humor, and audience interaction, each performance is uniquely tailored to suit the specific needs of your event and cater to the age range of the audience, ensuring a personalized and engaging experience.

Christian Juggler Bob Cates
Transitioning from missionary to entertainer, he's an award-winning clean comedian and variety artist. His unforgettable interactive show features advanced juggling, daring unicycling, and impressive balancing acts. Enhanced with black light laser effects and illusions, it culminates in a breathtaking 24-plate spinning finale with real, breakable plates—a lasting memory.

Christian Comedian Brian Bates
A clean comedian with nearly two decades in corporate America, he brings a wealth of real-world experience to his standup comedy career. His background offers a unique perspective that resonates with a wide range of audiences, blending workplace insights with humor that appeals to people from all walks of life.

Christian Comedian Mark Christopher Lawrence
Recognized for his portrayal of "Big Mike" on the NBC hit series Chuck, he frequently takes center stage at comedy shows nationwide. His extensive television credits include appearances on popular shows like Glee, Heroes, Seinfeld, My Name is Earl, and Martin, solidifying his presence in the entertainment industry.

Christian Comedian John Floyd
He credits the men in his family for being humorous and great storytellers, but he's the first to take those tales from the front porch to the stage. Despite an accent as thick as a bowl of grits, his comedy transcends regional boundaries. His career has led him to perform in all 50 states and over two dozen countries, showcasing his universal appeal.

Christian Comedian Jeremy Nunes
His act is a clean, witty collection of "Front Porch" style stories. He humorously recounts experiences as a Small Town Mayor, shares amusing tales about his wife and kids, reflects on his wisecracking dad, and the comedic challenges of being a 6'6" tall comedian.

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