Christian Comedian Robert G. Lee

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Robert has a wide arsenal of material at his disposal. He does voices and impressions. He has set pieces but can adlib for days. He’s the king of call-backs.

When audiences watch the lighting-fast mind and rapid-fire delivery, they begin to understand what Hollywood Producers and stars like Norman Lear and Julia Louis-Dreyfus have known for almost 30 years; this guy’s really funny. He keeps it clean. He has fun with, but never makes fun of his audience. He’s got a rubber face made for exaggeration. He actually gets funnier as the night goes on.

His fresh take on the human condition revolves around universal subjects like marriage, kids, growing old and society’s quirks without ever feeling cliched or tired.

As the consummate professional, you can hand Robert emcee duties, an awards ceremony, an auction or just bring him in for a top notch comedy presentation your entire company can enjoy and he’ll deliver.

Because, oh, yeah, he’s really funny.

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