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David Ferrell
Mark LowryMark Lowry
Mark is a featured Christian Comedian in Nashville, TN. Mark Lowry has been making people laugh, cry and think for nearly 40 years. Singing publicly and recording albums and videos since age eleven, you could say that Mark has done this most of his life.... continue
Chonda PierceChonda Pierce
Chonda is a featured Female Christian Comedian in Nashville, TN. Armed with an abundance of unpretentious Southern charm and laser sharp wit, Chonda Pierce has been entertaining audiences from coast to coast for more than a decade. An in demand stand up comic, television hostess and best-s... continue
Brad StineBrad Stine
Brad is a featured Christian Comedian in Nashville, TN. Brad Stine is the most media covered Christian comedian in the country. He had an 8-page profile written about him and his comedy in the New Yorker magazine where he was referred to as “God’s Comic.” Brad was a regular live ... continue
Anita RenfroeAnita Renfroe
Anita is a featured Female Christian Comedian in Atlanta, GA. With her unique brand of estrogen flavored musical comedy, sass, edge and slightly offbeat takes on All Things Female, audiences would say that Anita just tells it like it is. She just says what everyone else is thinking, but... continue
Ken DavisKen Davis
Ken is a featured Christian Comedian in Nashville, TN. Ken is a best-selling author, frequent radio and television guest and one of the country's most sought after inspirational and motivational speakers. A gifted comedian and a master storyteller, year after year Ken continues t... continue
Tim HawkinsTim Hawkins
Tim is a featured Christian Comedian in Fort Worth, TX. Tim Hawkins is a Christian comedian, songwriter, and singer, best known for parodying popular songs, such as Carrie Underwood's "Jesus Take The Wheel" and "The Candy Man". His stand-up material is based on marriage, homeschoo... continue
David FerrellDavid Ferrell
David is a featured Top Christian Comedian in Greenville, SC. Christian comedian and motivational speaker David Ferrell delivers humorous stand-up comedy and impressions! David is a multi-time nominee for Comedy Act of the Year by the Inspirational Country Music Awards, sharin... continue
Dennis SwanbergDennis Swanberg
Dennis is a featured Christian Comedian in Monroe, LA. Dr. Dennis Swanberg - "The Swan" - is considered by many as "America's Minister of Encouragement." He uses laughter as a tool to break down people's barriers about themselves and he promotes faith and family values in a light... continue
Leslie Norris TownsendLeslie Norris Townsend
Leslie is a featured Female Christian Comedian in Columbus, OH. Leslie has tickled the funny bones and charmed the hearts of hundreds of churches, retreats, conferences, festivals, and Christian functions across the country – from revivals to women’s retreats, to sanctuaries to Bible stud... continue
Thor RamseyThor Ramsey
Thor is a featured Christian Comedian in Los Angeles, CA. It doesn’t matter that Thor Ramsey happens to work clean. He’s funny. And funny is the thing that matters when you’re watching a comedian. He is best known for the best-selling “Thou Shalt Laugh” DVDs and the Sony-owned comed... continue
Matt JerniganMatt Jernigan
Matt is a featured Top Christian Comedian in Detroit, MI. Christian comedian Matt Jernigan brings laughter to your soul with his impressions and parodies of artists from every era. Plus, he delivers a message of hope in Christ. Along with his testimony of pursuing an entertainment c... continue
Jeff AllenJeff Allen
Jeff is a featured Christian Comedian in Nashville, TN. Jeff Allen is the best at what he does–making people laugh as hard as humanly possible. His Happy Wife, Happy Life message of a marriage gone wrong and redeemed has given laughter and encouragement to millions of people. Jeff... continue
Bean and BaileyBean and Bailey
Bean and Bailey is a featured Christian Comedian in Knoxville, TN. Bean and Bailey is made up of Bradley Bean and Jackson Bailey. A hilarious comedy duo that met in 1992 at Carson-Newman College where they were both freshmen living in the same dorm. Along with mutual friends, they began usin... continue
Michael Jr.Michael Jr.
Michael is a featured Black Christian Comedian in Los Angeles, CA. Imagine a line from Bill Cosby to Jerry Seinfeld and you’ll have an idea of Michael’s influences. Watch him onstage and you’ll see a man at ease…with himself, his audience, and his message. Listen to his voice and you’ll dete... continue
Kerri PomarolliKerri Pomarolli
Kerri is a featured Female Christian Comedian in Los Angeles, CA. In addition to writing and comedy, Kerri has a passion for ministry. She not only serves as a secular clean comedian, but in Christian venues as well. She is a well-received speaker and evangelist for retreats and church serv... continue
Small FireSmall Fire
Sylvia is a featured Black Female Christian Comedian in Atlanta, GA. Small Fire, also known as Small Frie, Small Fry, Slyvia Cannon and Sylvia Leake, was born in Drew, Mississippi and later relocated to Atlanta, GA at the age of 14. Shortly after attending junior college her fire for comedy wa... continue
Aaron WilburnAaron Wilburn
Aaron is a featured Christian Comedian in Huntsville, AL. Aaron Wilburn brings the house down with laughter... and he does it without four-letter words or making his audience feel uncomfortable. A feature on the Gaither Homecoming Tour and videos, he has endeared himself to thous... continue
Anthony GriffithAnthony Griffith
Anthony is a featured Black Christian Comedian in Los Angeles, CA. Anthony presents a unique outlook on life with non-offensive humor coupled with his ability to bring his characters to life. He was born to a religious family in Chicago, Illinois. He has has over twenty-five national comedy ... continue
Bob NelsonBob Nelson
Bob is a featured Christian Comedian in Branson, MO. Watching a Bob Nelson live performance is like watching several different types of top comedians all rolled up into one. Characters like the lovable nerd Eppy Epperman, punchy boxer Jiffy Jeff and chicken rancher Wilby Stucki... continue
Bone HamptonBone Hampton
Bone is a featured Black Christian Comedian in Los Angeles, CA. Bone is known as Mr. Crossover because his clean, in-your-face, comedy translates everywhere - from B.E.T & CMT to NBC, TBN and The Gospel Music Channel. He has appeared on such hits as NBC's "My Name is Earl" and "Medium" an... continue
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Christian comedians

And Sarah said, God hath made me to laugh,
so that all that hear will laugh with me.

JOB 8:21
Till he fill thy mouth with laughing,
and thy lips with rejoicing.

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.