Asheville Christian Comedian Larry Weaver

Christian Comedians in Asheville

List of Christian comedians in Asheville, NC for your next meeting or event near the Asheville, North Carolina - Cherokee, NC area.

Christian Comedian in Black Mountain, NC

Larry Weaver in Black Mountain, NC for Cragmont Assembly

Christian Comedian in Lake Junaluska, NC

John Felts in Lake Junaluska, NC for Lake Junaluska Conference & Retreat Center

Reviews from Asheville

Christian Comedian in Lake Junaluska, NC

"Michael was fantastic. We had him for a youth event and he had everyone from the youth, to their leaders, and that staff smiling and laughing to the point where we all had our cheeks hurting. He was great to work with, beginning with an appropriately detailed phone call ahead of time to talk about theme and general atmosphere of the event and what is possible within the venue. Once on site, he was very easy to work with and provided a multitude of options for sound and media including just simply using our system. He was well on time, set his materials up efficiently and was a good steward of his space, and made our part of hosting him very easy."

Director of Youth Programming, Lake Junaluska Conference & Retreat Center Winter Youth Event
Christian Comedian in Lake Junaluska, NC

"Joshua brought illusions back to our youth auditorium with great professionalism and respect. Very easy to work with. He was open to appropriate amounts of spontaneous ideas and slight changes just with the nature of programming. Joshua's performance was very good he seemed very comfortable and engaging for everyone during his time on stage."

Youth Ministry Specialist, Lake Junaluska Conference & Retreat Center Youth Retreat
John Felts - Christian Comedian in Lake Junaluska, NC

"John is professional and easy to work with. I really appreciated that John went the extra mile to research the youth groups that would be present at our event and to incorporate things from their environments into the show. The attendees were surprised and honored that he took the time to know them."

Director of Programming, Lake Junaluska Conference & Retreat Center Christian Youth Retreat
Christian Comedian in Lake Junaluska, NC

"Joshua performed for an audience of 450 youth from across the Southeastern US. He was well prepared, considerate and polite to the youth, and most importantly, he wowed them and kept them engaged. This was no small feat considering how tired they were after a busy day. The repeated, "Whoa!"s erupting from the audience said it all."

Program Director, Lake Junaluska Conference & Retreat Center Youth Winter Retreat
John Felts - Christian Comedian in Lake Junaluska, NC

"John performed at one of our Winter Youth Retreats in front of a multi-denominational audience of about fifteen youth groups from churches across the Southeastern US. The youth and adults alike laughed constantly as he shared jokes and observations about parenting, youth group leadership and particiaption, church life, school life, marriage and more. He took time before his show to learn more about who was present in the audience and drew from that to ensure the audience felt he knew and understood them. He communicated well prior to the engagement, was on time for the show, worked well with our event leaders and tech crew, and showed real interest in our organization. I will certainly consider booking him again."

Program Director, Lake Junaluska Conference & Retreat Center Youth Winter Retreat
David Ferrell - Christian Comedian in Hendersonville, NC

"David was hilarious and really engaged the audience. Everyone loved his impressions and left with a smile on their face. Fabulous time."

Fundraising Team, MCC Sacred Journey Church Fundraiser

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Christian Clean Comedian Larry Weaver
100% clean stand-up comedy with a positive message! After majoring in accounting, Larry left his CPA dreams behind to pursue his dream of making people laugh. In addition to comedy, Larry delivers motivational, inspirational, and funny presentations on Attitude, Health & Wellness, Stress Reduction, Resilience, Change, and Humor in the Workplace.

Christian Comedian Marty Simpson
Delivering clean humor from the perspective of a content husband, father, and comedian, his comedy draws inspiration from his life's adventures. These include humorous escapades with his wife, children, and golden doodles, along with the occasional sports anecdote.

Christian Comedian David Ferrell
His stand-up comedy show is 100% clean, perfect for all ages and diverse backgrounds. He's also adept at tailoring his performance with customized jokes about your company or organization, adding a personal touch to his universally enjoyable act.

Christian Comedian John Felts
Treat your clients, employees, families, or loyal customers to a thoroughly enjoyable experience with his clean, meticulously crafted comedy set. Expect an abundance of laughs and smiles, and don't be surprised if you see someone from the audience joining in on stage for an extra bit of fun!

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